Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Week of Green

My love and romance zone heats up even more this week, as the Sun moves into Leo. If I have been single for a while, I might begin to feel the stirrings of passion as the week gathers pace. Venus is here, too, creating a situation where I appear so attractive that I can hardly be refused. I know how to charm the socks off anyone I desire, and it becomes easier than ever to do so. Meanwhile, be prepared to listen to my intuition on Tuesday, when Mercury trines Uranus. I seem to be unusually psychic at this time and may find that I get a strong sense of what is about to happen next, especially in a situation associated with my family or with property matters. Mercury moves into Leo on Saturday, so I will not only be passionate and romantic, but I will find it a lot easier to express my feelings, too. I will also be in a very creative mood, so allow myself to play around with ideas and with various mediums for expressing them. Saturday brings a great opportunity to further my career in one way or another. I might be offered a contract or a deal that suits me up to the heaven.


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