Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Week before Heating up

Great ideas take time to manifest, and this week is no exception. Although I might want to get down to work immediately and get on with it, it is best to bide my time. Mercury is retrograde in my communication zone, so instead, research my options. Do plenty of brainstorming, and be inspired. Monday is excellent for any meetings that involve a degree of negotiation. If I need to hold a conversation in which difficult issues will be raised, I will find it much easier to resolve them. Whatever the problem, it will be handled much better at this time. If I am seeking excitement and an opportunity to let my creative side out to play, Thursday brings just such an occasion - maybe more than one. The best advice is to expect the unexpected. Be ready as destiny may play its hand just as I am about to relax into my daily routine and switch to autopilot. Diversions, surprises, and accidents of fate will make life anything but normal. Meetings with strangers may open doors onto colorful new vistas. Friday offers a romantic diversion or two. Love affairs will flourish. And as Pluto moves temporarily back into Sagittarius this weekend, it is time to work on my patterns of love and belief.


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