Monday, May 12, 2008

What a Wonderful Week

Don't be afraid. Lately I have felt uneasy and worried about my life situation, even though I have no real reason to feel that way. I might be getting a bit anxious and letting my imagination magnify any issues I have. That's not good, and I am dragging myself down mentally and emotionally by letting my worst fears take hold. On Friday, I am in for a wonderful, uplifting energy boost from the Universe as the dynamic Mars enters sunny and optimistic Leo. My thinking patterns will be filled with a lot of positive thoughts, and I will find that I feel confident and sure of myself again. Once that happens, I will realize that the only reason I haven't made the progress I hoped is because I felt too discouraged to try. Forget about my temporary setbacks. Remember, everyone experiences self-doubt at times, even someone as forceful and assertive as me. On Sunday, my upbeat attitude returns as the Sun in serene Taurus sextiles unique Uranus in Pisces. I might investigate my spiritual side and take an enrichment course in palmistry, dream interpretation, or handwriting analysis as a way to learn more about myself.


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