Sunday, March 30, 2008

Another great day, but she is not at there

Does it mean something? May be not.

There is a lot I can do to improve my life, but I may have to make one or two decisions to kick-start the process. On the middle of the week, Pluto will turn retrograde in my career zone, which may cause me to question my current path to career success. I am moving through a phase in which I can more easily change my focus. Nothing is set in stone, so use this opportunity to reflect on my priorities. I might have problems tuning into my intuition on Thursday, so be careful of any hunches and selfish desires that may color my impressions. Saturday is a great day with a New Moon in my sign. At the same time, Venus will also be moving into Aries, so you are doubly blessed. I might try to meet with her again. From this point on for the coming two weeks, I have the cosmos on my side. I can make changes to any area of life that I choose, and I can rest assured that I have the backing of the waxing Moon to bring everything to fruition. What am I waiting for? Sunday may be rather intense, so I will be ready!


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