Sunday, March 23, 2008

Tired, but still have to decide

I hold the key in my hand, so now I just need to use it to open the door. Usually I am very assertive and don't wait to ask for directions or for advice. Instead, I go with my gut instinct and that's it. My basic nature is impulse and I usually act first, and think later. But now that Saturn, the conservative planet, is in my sector of daily activities, I am stopping to reflect more than I ever have before. That's good, because I have gotten into a lot of trouble in the past due to my haste. But it's not a good idea to freeze up either and endlessly question every decision I need to make. If I do that, I will stay still, and that will be unhelpful for me. On Friday, I will get a big push of cosmic energy and will be encouraged to take that first step, as benevolent Jupiter in Capricorn sextiles earthshaking Uranus in Pisces. I will have the faith in myself I need to make decisions, and the optimism to believe that even if I make the some questionable choices, it's fine, because that's how I learn to make better ones.


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