Sunday, April 20, 2008

Kickass Mode

Try to be calm, cool, and collected this week. I am very tempestuous and passionate, thanks to my fiery sign of Aries the Ram. I am a very impulsive and impetuous Ram, and it does not take a lot to get my dander up, even in relatively serene situations. Now that I really do have aggravation and frustration to cope with, I am ready to zoom into the stratosphere. On Thursday, Mars, the warrior planet and my ruler, opposes Jupiter, and my ability to contain my emotional outbursts will be slim to non-existent. Do my best to avoid meltdown mode or I could find myself alienating my friends and family members, at a time when I need friendly support. Try to release my steam by venting, not ranting, and see if I can exercise, or channel my anger by meeting a new girl friend. Remember that it is fine to let my feelings flow, but to watch where they are going. The weekend promises to bring me celestial relief and I will ground myself much easier than I have until now. The Moon enters my sector of friendship and I might join an organization or participate in a group activity that really enlivens me.


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