Sunday, January 27, 2008

On His Horizon

When he is not moving, he feels as if he is stagnant. But the truth is that he may need a bit of downtime once in a while. Mercury in Aquarius goes retrograde on Monday in his sector of hopes and wishes for the next three weeks, and he will enter a mental waiting room that will allow him to review his current life situation. Sometimes when he hears that a friend has made great strides in his life, he has a tendency to feel envious and to think that he is not moving along quite as rapidly. Now he will be able to fully assess his progress to date, and once he does so, he may be pleasantly surprised at how far he has come. On Wednesday, his physical self will be raring to go, as his ruling planet, energetic Mars, returns direct in Gemini. He may have been feeling sluggish recently, and now with Mars direct, his engine is revved up and ready to go, much more easily than it was before, and he will lose his feeling of inertia. It is a good time to hit the gym, and the treadmill, and to walk briskly around the mall a couple of times while he looks for bargains...


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